The best way to Make Emergency Pizza Dough

  • Blown dough is the bane of each pizzaiolo’s existence, however there’s a fast answer that ought to work anytime you want it.
  • Ensure that to maintain your emergency dough system saved in a spot the place you’ll be able to all the time discover it once you want it.

Q: What’s emergency dough, and when would a pizzeria proprietor want to make use of it?

A: Emergency dough is a dough that you simply make within the occasion that you need to lose all the dough that you’ve got saved within the cooler. For instance, a lightning strike would possibly blow out a transformer that gives energy to your retailer throughout the evening, and once you are available within the morning, you’re greeted by the aroma of fermenting dough. Briefly, your store smells like a brewery. Upon investigation, you discover that your whole dough has blown, leaving it ineffective for making pizza. What to do? Enter the emergency dough. This dough is a variation of your common dough that has been modified to be able to producing acceptable pizza skins/crusts inside the shortest time doable after mixing. Due to the steps taken to hurry up the fermentation course of, you have to to make numerous emergency doughs throughout the course of the day.

To transform your common dough system to an emergency dough, comply with these steps:

1) Double the quantity of yeast, however do not exceed 2% of the flour weight.

2) Improve the goal completed dough temperature to 90° to 95°F.

3) Combine the dough simply till it takes on a easy, satiny look within the mixing bowl (this may occasionally or will not be completely different from the best way you usually combine your dough).

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4) In case your dough system comprises sugar, scale back it by half.


Instantly after mixing, scale into desired weight items and ball. Place into plastic dough containers and wipe the dough balls with vegetable oil; cowl and put aside to proof/rise at room temperature for two hours, or till the dough could be opened into dough skins with out extreme snap-back. The dough is now prepared to make use of in filling pizza orders. Any dough balls that won’t be used inside 90 minutes ought to be opened into dough skins and positioned onto pizza screens that may be saved in a wire tree rack within the cooler. Make certain to cowl with a meals contact-approved plastic bag to stop extreme drying. The pre-stretched dough skins could be used at any time throughout the identical day, however they don’t maintain over very nicely from sooner or later to the subsequent. To make use of the readymade dough skins, take away them from the cooler about half-hour earlier than you anticipate needing them, permitting them to mood at room temperature somewhat. Then take away the dough pores and skin from the display screen and place onto the prep peel or baking pan/disk, dock the dough pores and skin, gown for the order and bake as you would your regular dough.

I recommend that your emergency dough system be typed out and positioned right into a protecting plastic sleeve, to be saved in your system/recipe guide. This manner, it is going to be prepared to make use of in an instantaneous once you want it essentially the most. Belief me, when the day comes that you simply stroll into your retailer and the aroma provides you a touch of the catastrophe that has occurred, your mind might be too busy attempting to type issues out: calling a repairman, cleansing up the mess within the cooler, cleansing dough containers, and attempting to determine if something within the cooler could be salvaged. So that you don’t wish to fear about attempting to determine learn how to handle your emergency dough. True, working with an emergency dough isn’t enjoyable, however then neither is hanging a “closed” signal on your entrance door.

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The late Tom Lehmann was a longtime columnist for PMQ and served as director of bakery help for the American Institute of Baking (AIB).